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The services we provide

Property Law services
Property law is the area of law that governs the various forms of ownership and tenancy in real property (land as distinct from personal or movable possessions) and in personal property, within the common law legal system.

Our services in this regard include  
- Property acquisition & disposal,  
- Transfer of immovable property  
- Expropriation and Expropriation transfers 
- Land Claims and Land dispute resolution 
- Registration of subdivisions, consolidations and certificates of registered title 
- Opening of Township registers and registration of General Plans 
- Registration of all types of Conventional Deeds and Sectional Title transfers  
- Registration of Long Leases  
- Registrations and cancellations of Mortgage Bonds 
- Preparation and registration of servitudes  
- Drafting and registration of Notarial waiver of preference by a mortgagee, usufructuary or other holder of limited interest 
- Conveyance of ownership by partition, rectification or exchange  
- General litigation for land related issues 

Civil Litigation in both Lower and High Courts
Civil litigation is a term of art which distinguishes lawyer Court work in the non-criminal stream of actions in law. It encompasses not just the representations made in Court but also the pre-trial procedures including interlocutory hearings, and the port-trial procedures such as costs and enforcement of a judgment.

We provide comprehensive litigation services to all legal issues arising either  
- Contracts or  
- General law of delict 
We also act as correspondents for all attorneys who are outside the Jurisdiction of the Eats London High court. Our services in this regarding include issuing Court process, delivering same to Sheriff for service, service of process to the opponents, filing of documents, applying for trial dates and attending court to note judgment/s and uplift court orders.  

Deceased Estates and Wills
A deceased estate comes into existence when a person dies leaving property or a document which is a will or purports to be a will. Such estate must then be administered and distributed in terms of the deceased's will or failing a valid will, in terms of the Intestate Succession Act, 81 of 1987. The procedure which must be followed to administer a deceased estate is prescribed by the Administration of Estates Act, 66 of 1965 (as amended).

Our services in this regard include  
- Drafting of Wills 
- Reporting of Estate 
- Acting as Executors Agents  
- Administration and Liquidation of Estates 
- Drawing L&D Accounts  
- Transferring assets from the Estate to beneficiaries/heirs  

> Matrimonial Law  
In this regard we assist clients inter-arlia with the following  
- To chose the property regime of their marriage 
- Registering Ante-Nuptial Contracts 
- Variation of Marriage applications 
- Instituting or defending Divorce proceedings in all Courts 
- Appointment of Liquidators of Joint Estates etc. 

> MVA and Medical Negligence Claims  
On a no win no fee basis; we assist our clients in the investigation, instituting and settlement of RAF and Medical negligent Claims.  
This includes both personal injury and loss of support claims  

> General Legal Advice  
We also provide general legal services including Drafting , Negotiation and Interpretation of Contracts and Finance agreements, Performing legal compliance audits, due diligence audits and provide legal opinions/advice for all legal issues.  

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